Avatar was re-released in theatres after 13 years: a sign of sequel

Avatar was re-released in theatres over the weekend in anticipation of the upcoming sequel. North America contributed $10 million of the $30 million in worldwide sales. It’s hopeful for the December release of Avatar: The Way of Water was once again the top movie in the world over the weekend.

Before Avatar: The Way of Water’s much-anticipated debut in December, the 2009 sci-fi blockbuster from James Cameron was rereleased in theatres. North America accounted for $10 million of the $30.5 million international sales. The Way of Water’s chances improves by the excellent box office performance of the 13-year-old movie.

Box Office Hits of Avatar

Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, has amassed box office receipts of $2.878 billion. Additionally, it includes $770.5 million domestically. Avengers: Endgame briefly surpassed it in 2019. But after a rerelease in China last year that earned $50 million, Avatar reclaimed the top rank.

Updating in Avatar

The team updated Avatar with a high dynamic range. And better audio for this 4K rerelease. 29% of the domestic revenue and 20% of the global income came from Imax showings. The lesson here is never to underestimate Cameron. Avatar eventually displaced Titanic as the most popular movie in the world. Also, the director of Titanic was Cameron.

Do you know anything about Titanic?

Titanic contributed to the acquisition of the brand-new, $500 million complex on your property where they were currently residing. Cameron was able to do this. 

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According to a recent interview with a news source, Cameron told the studio about the changes. It wished to reach out to Avatar. They then thanked him after that.

The theatre industry benefits from The Way of Water. After a good summer, blockbuster tentpoles have been hard to come by lately. Only Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Way of Water assure box office triumphs for the year’s balance.

Recent Lack of Movies

Due to the recent lack of movies, studios have recently rereleased other films. They were Spider-Man: No Way Home and Jaws. The former brought in $6.5 million during the four-day US Labor Day vacation weekend. At the same time, the latter brought in $3 million.

Also, Avatar faced competition over the weekend from the recently released movie Don’t Worry, Darling. After months of unrest off-screen, it won the top spot at the US box office with $19 million.

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