A white Xbox was spotted in a Logitech Commercial

The white Xbox Series X shown in a recent Logitech ad is not an authentic product, and Microsoft says it has “no plans” to make one.

In an update sent to VGC, Microsoft confirmed that a Logitech ad did show a white Xbox Series X but that it wasn’t a hint of what’s to come.

What’s the say of Microsoft on this?

Is Xbox Series X getting a white paint job? New Logitech video features the console sporting a new design

“Our partner is making a promotional video, but the white Xbox Series X console shown in the video is not being made. At this time, we don’t have any plans to make the Xbox Series X console in white.”

In a new Logitech ad, a white Xbox Series X was shown, which led to all kinds of rumours on the internet. The Xbox Series X came out in 2020, and when it was shown off at the end of 2019, many people were unhappy with how it looked. It’s a big black box with no discernible shape, color, or other features that make it stand out.

What about this new Xbox?

Compared to the PS5, which has a strange but unique look, it’s not as exciting. But its design is a masterwork of engineering. Its rectangular shape and tower shape allows air to flow through the console and the holes at the top of the machine efficiently.

But many people have said that its odd shape makes it hard to customise in exciting ways. The company has been making custom Series S consoles to promote movies and video games, but there aren’t many for the Series X. But there may be a new version of the console. VGC saw a white Xbox Series X in the background of a commercial for Logitech’s Astro A30 gaming headset.

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Xbox is facing some significant issues right now

This is a version of the headset that doesn’t exist. Since it has a white technology theme, it’s possible that it was made just for this ad, but it has led to rumours that it could become a reality. The first ones were black, but white ones came out later. The first Xbox 360s were white, but a few years later, a sleek piano black version came out.

Fans shouldn’t hold their breath right now. Xbox is still having trouble with the supply chain for the its Series X. It’s likely not going to add a new version of the machine immediately. But maybe plans are being made to make it happen in the future. Even so, Xbox has always made different versions of its consoles. However, the Series X hasn’t gotten a new one yet.

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