Ryan Grantham from Riverdale cast behind bars for killing his mom

Former Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor Ryan Grantham were sentenced to 14 years in prison. Further, it is without the possibility of parole for his mother’s murder in 2020.

Judgment Given by Kathleen Ker on Ryan Grantham

The British Columbia Supreme Court’s Justice Kathleen Ker handed down the typical second-degree murder sentence in Vancouver. Furthermore, it was on September 21. Given the laws of the Canadian province, Grantham’s punishment’s only significant unknowable was how long he would have to wait. Also, it was before turning 24 and becoming eligible for release.

Grantham shot his mother in the back of the head before turning himself into the police just north of Vancouver. His mother’s name is Barbara Waite, and she is 64 years old.

A second-degree murder conviction 

A second-degree murder conviction in British Columbia carries a sentence of 10 to 25 years in prison without the chance of parole. The prosecution asked earlier this year in light of this. Grantham is denied parole for up to 18 years during a sentencing hearing. 

The former actor’s legal team had asked for 12 years as a fair sentence. Justice Ker’s ruling this week was a compromise. For the past 2.5 years, Grantham has been imprisoned. 

Charge confirmed on Ryan Grantham

Police in Vancouver today confirmed that the person was with first-degree murder. Since his imprisonment, Grantham has been a part of a mental health program. He is currently being prepped for transfer to a more permanent facility.

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Grantham’s most prominent role, roughly 30 credits to his name, comes from the year 2019. As Jeffrey Augustine in the Riverdale CW soap series. The Archie comics-based sitcom needed the character, even if he only made one brief appearance.

Jeffrey Augustine killed Luke Perry in a hit-and-run that fundamentally changed the plot of the series. On the program, Luke Perry portrayed Fred Andrews. Beginning his career in 2007, Grantham also made appearances in the 2007 movies. It includes Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Supernatural, iZombie, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Previously Murder Try for Justin Trudeau 

Grantham caught a murderous confession on tape. Following the discovery in court that he had killed his mother. Grantham left the next day after methodically arranging the remains somewhat piously. He kept a journal as proof. 

He had previously considered trying to murder Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada. His intentions were constantly shifting. Grantham also considered pulling out a mass shooting at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University. The famous actor, who has a long list of credits, apologized for his actions in March this year. 

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