Rumors are around that Johnny Depp is dating his UK libel trial, Joelle Rich

Actor Johnny Depp is present with Joelle Rich. According to a current source, Joelle is one of his lawyers from the UK libel trial. Months following the initial appearance of rumors of a relationship with his attorney Camille Vasquez. 

There had been rumors of the two dating before Camille defended him in the defamation case against Johnny’s ex-wife, Amber Heard. Camille denied the claims while being in a relationship with someone else.

Meeting of Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich 

Johnny Depp's girlfriend Joelle Rich attended Amber Heard trial

Their chemistry is out of this world, claims a source. Further, it strongly disagrees about something. It was the real thing. The narrative claims that the couple “discreetly” met at hotels to begin their relationship.

Even yet, Joelle was present earlier this year in the Virginia courthouse. She didn’t work for him in the Amber Heard case on the defense team. She wasn’t obligated to be there for work-related reasons. 

It was personal, the insider claimed. According to the reports, Joelle was reportedly already married when she met Johnny Depp. She and her spouse, with whom she has two children, are getting a divorce.

Johnny Depp suing the Magazine

In 2020, Joelle, one of Johnny Depp’s attorneys, represented him in a libel action in the UK. It is when Johnny refers to as a “wife-beater” in a 2018 piece. After Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married, he sued the magazine. But he did lose the legal battle.

In a previous slander case against Amber, Johnny Depp prevailed. The jury found her to have defamed him in her 2018 opinion piece this year. There she mentioned having gone through domestic abuse. The jury did learn, however, that Johnny had attacked Amber through his attorney to refute Amber’s allegations. Camille was one of the attorneys in the lawsuit.

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Statement Regarding Rumors

In response to the rumors about their connection, Camille confirmed. Further, it was Edward Owen, a manager at WeWork, and her connection stationed in England was Edward Owen. She had previously told a magazine, “she thinks it comes with the nature of being a woman just doing her job.” 

“It is disappointing that some media outlets have picked it up or made claims about my contacts. She has known Johnny Depp for the past four and a half years, and we’ve worked together. Were you in any manner inappropriate or disrespectful? Learning that is frustrating.”

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