25th Island Of Greece Meme Explained: Controversy and Meaning

Recently, Twitterheads might have found an interesting topic to binge upon. The highly trending topic was about which one is the 25th island of Greece? Put more simply, what is the name of the 25th island of Greece? Also, every other month people find millions of memes on social media. So what is so special about it then?


Well, this may seem like another one of your average silly everyday questionable memes, like the one about dinosaur’s teeth or the one about why chainsaws were invented. So, this particular meme asks its viewers to check out what the 25th island of the islandic country of Greece is called. Greece currently has 227 small, medium, large islands present in its territories. Now, the important part is these 227 islands are only taken into account for the sake of their inhabiting status.

Yes, Greece is a country that is largely composed of islands. And these 227 are the only ones that are inhabited. However, overall there are like 6000 islands in Greece in total, meaning most of these islands or maybe even most of Greece is uninhabited.And this meme we are talking about is about the 25th island of the 227 inhabited islands, and not of the total 6000 ones. Now, let us find out what this meme is all about.

Best Things To Do In Amorgos - Attractions and Highlights


Now, there being 227 other inhabited islands that have all been named by the Greek people why has the 2th island taken over social media platforms like mainly Twitter and Instagram already and that too this dominantly? So, answering this question maybe a little shaky for anyone, but here is how it goes. The 25th of the 227 inhabited Greek islands is called Amorgos. So, now the question arises, Amorgos being a normal island like any other of the 227 counterparts, what is so special about it? Let us find out.

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Well, so frankly speaking, many people are currently confused about the status of this meme as one may find in a large number of social media posts right now. Most people can be found on social media posting about what the 25th island of Greece signifies, or rather, what its name signifies. Amorgos seems just like any other name right? Well, brace yourselves because, even if it sounds like any other name, Amorgos has caught the attention of net freaks for a very different reason.

Netizens feel that Amorgos sounds much like the name of the popular mobile game, “Among Us”. Yes, you heard it right. Among Us refers to a mobile game that was availabe on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store for quite some time. In fact, it is still available, in case you don’t know about it. Among Us is just like any other mobile game but it gained the attention of mobile phone users recently for all reasons available.


Among Us, meanwhile is an online multi-player mobile phone game. The game can however, also be played on laptops and tablets for those users who prefer a bigger and wider screen experience. The game is mostly space-themed and based on an elimination technique. Gaming studio Innersloth, which is basically based in America started off with Among Us and its vibes and popularity mostly.The game peaked during the worldwide lock down due to the pandemic, but it is still quite popular and in use among children and young adults, alike.

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Well, even though many users feel that Among Us and Amorgos sound familiar, many think otherwise as well. For example, someone even tweeted that these comparisons are, “bullshit” and the ones comparing are “idiots”. It is mostly, a case of perspective or point of view from here if one finds the comparisons ideal or not but that is the story behind the “25th island of Greece” meme now.

Most users though, certainly feel that the joke is funny actually.

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