Queen’s Grandchildren are given permission to wear Military Uniform for her special vigil

The royal hierarchy has altered its mind. And permit Prince Harry to attend his grandmother’s death vigil while still wearing a uniform. According to information obtained by some sources from Buckingham Palace officials. 

Furthermore, Prince Harry can wear his uniform to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s final vigil. He will gather with his royal kin on September 17 night. It is at Westminster Hall to observe 15 minutes of silence in front of the Queen’s casket.

Funeral Service 

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Two days later, on September 19, there will be a funeral service for her. The Palace denied the Duke of Sussex permission to wear the uniform to the late monarch’s burial. 

The official attire only permits working members of the royal family. Because Prince Andrew was no longer a working royal, he was allowed early on to wear the uniform to his mother’s vigil. Because Harry served in the British Army for ten years, the news was shocking at the time.

Information from Sussex Family

At the time, a Sussex family representative informed a royal contributor Omid Scobie. “Throughout the celebrations honoring his grandmother, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will dress in a morning suit. We humbly request that attention on the life and legacy. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II because his decade of military service is not contingent upon the uniform he is wearing.” The representative continued that Harry would wear a mourning suit instead.  

Wearing of Military Uniform

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Harry will wear his military uniform this weekend with his sibling Prince William. Further father, King Charles III, honored his cherished grandmother. But it appears the Palace has subsequently reversed its initial plan.

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Harry’s Speech About Queen

“Granny, while this final parting brings us great sadness,” Harry wrote in his eulogy for the Queen after her death on Thursday. ” He will always be appreciative of our initial meetings. 

It is from his earliest childhood memories to his first meeting as Commander-in-Chief. The first time you hugged your cherished great-grandchildren and my wonderful wife. 

He went on, “Along with all the other beautiful events we have had, he cherishes the hours we have spent together. Not just by us but by everyone on the entire planet. The royal family is already missing the Queen. Regarding initial meetings, we now respect my father in his new role as King Charles III.”

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