The Best CS:GO Aim Training Maps

Esports has long ceased to be entertainment only for young people and has grown into a real industry with its own rules and laws that distinguish it from traditional sports. But there is something that unites football, hockey, and e-sports – young fans who dream of the glory of champions. Aim training maps can help with it. You will also find a lot of interesting information on https://bloodycase.com/blog/. So, let’s take a look at aim maps.

What is the aim and why train this skill?

In short, the aim is an indicator of shooting accuracy. The higher the accuracy of an individual player, the higher his aim. Probably, the aim can be called the foundation of CS:GO; it is on it that the game is built and great victories are obtained. You can be a genius, understand teammates not even with a half-word but with a sixth sense, and do triple boosts, but if you can’t hit the head first, then you won’t achieve much success. A player who wants to raise his rank above two Kalash must train his aim. This indicator consists of two points: accuracy of fire and reaction speed. Everything else: the type of weapon, the position of the shooter, or the position of the target are secondary. Let’s take a look at several nice maps.

Training: Bot Aim V4C

The map is notable for its functionality. Despite the fact that it is not new, you can find everything you need for training on it. Buttons to create doors, walls, windows, and boxes, plus all kinds of weapons and different rates of fire, are enough to make you want to download this particular map for leveling aim.

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Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot] / aimtraindriving

As the name implies, this map is perfect for practicing quick shooting and aiming at an opponent. A good bonus is that the bots here do not stand still, as on most maps, but move so that the conditions are as close to real as possible.

Training Center 1.5c

An excellent map with a huge functionality of the educational complex, and many players, which put it at the top in terms of flexibility of settings and opportunities. It has everything from throwing grenades to AWP training. Choose your mode in five separate rooms, and go ahead – practice the skills of the future winner.

Aim Botz

It is a relatively new map that offers a lot of functionality for aiming. Here they offer to set up boxes that will leave only the heads of the bots; you can increase the distance to them for AWP training or set up a 360-degree mode. The map gained popularity because it easily adapts to the player or the desired task, as many functions are turned on and off, for example, ammo limit, armor, and blood type. Of course, this is not artificial intelligence; bots do not know how to learn, they are predictable and will always differ from a real enemy, but the level of difficulty and speed of their appearance can be adjusted by yourself, which will help to significantly increase aim.


Maps for aim training in CS:GO are a chance to improve your personal skill; there are plenty of them, the functionality of the maps is similar to each other, and the choice turns into a matter of taste. It is worth looking at three or four maps and choosing the one that suits you. The high level of playing is achieved not by a cool keyboard and not by the most modern training map but by the hard work and diligence that the player puts in.

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