The Best Sports Movies Based on Real Life Stories

There’s nothing like settling down for an afternoon of your favourite sport, whether that’s football, soccer, baseball, or something else.

But when there’s no sport on the TV, watching a sporting movie is the next best thing. And there are some real crackers out there, with scripts based on real-life events.

Here’s our pick of the best sports movies which are based on true life.

King Richard

The 94th Oscars were overshadowed by THAT moment between Chris Rock and Will Smith, but the real talking point should have been the latter’s Oscar for his role in King Richard.

The film charts the career of Venus and Serena Williams, and the role that their father, Richard, played in helping them to become tennis pros. Controversial in his methods, Richard insisted that his daughters stayed out of the junior circuit to concentrate on school.

Heavily criticised for his approach, Richard was vindicated when Venus went on to become the first black world number 1 in tennis, with her sister Serena collecting 23 Grand Slam titles.


The odds on American football matches always provoke a lot of conversation, but no one would ever have bet on Rudy accomplishing his dream. Without the grades, money or talent to get a place at the University of Notre Dame, it seemed pretty certain that Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger would never play football for their team.

The first film shot on the Notre Dame campus since 1940, Rudy is a heartwarming tale of how an enthusiastic young football player managed to play the final game of the 1975 season. The scene where the crowd is chanting his name will have even the most stone-hearted individual reaching for the tissues.

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Jackie Robinson is one of the most famous names in baseball, entering the history books as being the first black player in the MLB. Image

As an outstanding second baseman, his talent wasn’t enough to secure his spot – because of his skin colour. The film follows Robinson’s fight to be reasonably recognised and treated like his white counterparts.

The film is all the more poignant now as the role of Robinson was played by the late, great Chadwick Boseman, who died tragically young.


Made in 2003, Seabiscuit is a hit movie based on a 1999 novel of the same name, which charted the life and successes of a small racehorse who achieved fame during the Great Depression.

As a young colt, no one expected Seabiscuit to race well due to his more diminutive stature and reputation for being lazy. However, bought by a new trainer and with a renegade jockey by his side, Seabiscuit flourished.

Seabiscuit beat the 1937 Triple Crown winner by three lengths in a historic race, but it’s far more than a story about a horse crossing the line first. With the trainer, jockey and Seabiscuit himself experiencing real adversity, it’s about triumphing against all the odds.

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