Everything you need to know about Apple Watch 8 series

According to speculations, the newest Apple Watch Series 8 will debut this fall. Will 2022 be the year that the long-awaited update finally arrives? Much has been speculated and leaked regarding the next Apple wearables. Speculations about a new Series 8 Apple Watch, a new Apple Watch SE, and an Apple Watch Rugged/Explorer/Pro edition are coming out this year. 

About The Design

Several reports surfaced before the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7. They suggested that Apple was working on a redesign featuring flat sides in line with the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro. However, this was not the case.

The premium Apple Watch Series 8 is speculated to adopt a similar design with a flat display. In a recent report, Apple Watch leaker ShrimpApplePro said that “there is a flat front glass display” in development. And also, it has a “high possibility” of appearing in the Apple Watch Series 8.

What Will be the Size Options?

According to display analyst Ross Young, one of the new Series 8 Apple Watch models in 2022 would have a five percent larger screen. The Apple Watch is believed to have a display size of 1.99 inches. That would be more significant than the 1.901-inch diagonal dimension of the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7.

What will be the Release Date for the 8 Series?

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On Wednesday, September 7, Apple is expected to conduct an event focused on the iPhone. In the event, there is a possibility for the announcement of the Apple Watch 8 Series.

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Features of The Apple Watch 8 Series

S8 Chip

The S8 chip in the Apple Watch Series 8 will have the same characteristics as the S7 chip. So don’t expect significant performance upgrades. Apple’s Watch models for the year 2023 will instead include a brand-new chipset.

Rugged “Pro” Apple Watch

The new, more oversized Apple Watch will be designed to withstand rigorous use. That is by athletes, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The screen will be about two inches on the diagonal. This makes it more significant than the displays on the Series 7 and the upcoming Series 8 Apple Watches.

Energy-Saving Mode

Some have speculated that the next Apple Watch may include an improved low-power mode. That will enable more features to perform without negatively impacting battery life.

Sensor of Temperature

By 2022, the Apple Watch may include a temperature sensor, which would be utilized initially for preconception care if the user’s body temperature is abnormally high. The Apple Watch of the future may be able to detect this. However, it is unlikely to display an actual temperature reading.

Car Crash Detection

It’s possible that by 2022, Apple may provide a crash detection capability for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Accelerometers and similar sensors will be used to determine the crash. This help in monitoring if the car crash has occurred due to a sudden gravity pull.

The device will immediately contact emergency services if an accident is detected while wearing an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Given the target release date of 2022, this could be an exclusive feature of the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 models. 

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Activity Tracking Update

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 would feature “significant upgrades” to the functionality of its activity tracking features. No information about what, if anything, might shift has been released.

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Sattelite Conntecivity

When satellite connectivity is added, the Apple Watch will include future SOS and emergency texting capabilities. The iPhone 14 will have satellite connectivity, and eventually, so will the Apple Watch. 

Inventing the Apple Watch

Apple has patented numerous exciting technologies that might be employed in future Apple Watch devices, such as a biometric identification function that authenticates identity based on the wearer’s skin pattern. This capability would make entering a passcode unnecessary while using an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Special Edition

Alongside the Series 8 Apple Watch, we might expect a new rugged model and an updated version of the affordable Apple Watch SE. Not much is known about the upcoming Apple Watch SE, but it will probably have a more powerful processor.


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