ICJ Votes Against Russia: Orders it to Cease All Offensive Against Ukraine

The ICJ votes against Russia: The International Court of Justice, On Wednesday, ordered the Russian government to cease all offensive against Ukraine. While this order was widely appraised by the Western world and Ukraine, it is unlikely to have any more impact on Russia than the various economic sanctions that it is currently reeling under. Readout this article to know more about the ICJ’s verdict and the responses to it from Russia and Ukraine.

ICJ’s Vote Against Russia: Meaning and Significance

ICJ voted against the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a 13-2 majority. Russia’s judge Kirill Gevorgian and China’s Judge Xue Hanqin were the only two judges who didn’t vote against Russia. While Justice Dalveer Bhandari from India also voted against Russia, India’s official stand is yet neutral in this regard.

ICJ’s vote against Russia may not be as fruitful as one imagines it to be. While the ICJ’s verdict does add moral support in favor of Ukraine, it is unlikely to result in any actual outcome. ICJ’s verdict cannot be enforced without military action and NATO nations have already made it clear that they do not intend to extend direct military support to Ukraine.

It also remains unclear as to whether or not the International Court of Justice has the authority to pass a judgment in regards to this conflict.

Ukraine and Russia’s Response to the Vote Against Russia.

ICJ votes against Russia were celebrated by Ukraine as yet another diplomatic victory against Russia. It has also called upon various nations to get this verdict of the International Court of Justice enforced. Russia, on the other hand, has stated that it wouldn’t honor this verdict as it is not in the jurisdictional capacity of the ICJ to pass a verdict on this matter.

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The USA and other Western nations have urged Russia to respect and honor the verdict of the International Court of Justice. Russia, however, appears to be not paying any heed to such requests and is continuing persistently with its invasion.

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