Nathan Chen Following Long Line of Olympic Champions Says Layden

Three-time world champion Chen was not cut down by the mistakes he had at PyeongChang 2018, as reigning two-time Olympic gold medallist Hanyu popped his opening quadruple jump. Uno Shoma in third.

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Nathan Chen stood firm on the Olympic ice that felt slippery four years ago.

The three-time world champion figure skater gave a blistering performance in the men’s short program inside the capital Indoor Stadium at the Olympics Winter Games Beijing 2022. Skating into first place with a world record result of 113.97.

The 22-year-old American, Skating to “La Boheme” was cut out by this segment at PyengChang 2018 but shook any Olympic ghosts that may have been haunting him on 8 of February on Tuesday, taking a five-point lead into Thursday, 10 February’s free skate.

Chen told to the U.S. broadcaster NBC ” I am just elated. Last Olympics both of my short programs didn’t go the way that i wanted. This feels really good, this means a lot.”

2018 Olympic silver Medallist Uno Shoma is third with a 105.90.

Kagiyama and Uno’s compatriot, the reigning and two-time Olympic champion Hanyu Yuzuru Skated in the penultimate group but opened his skate with a popped quadruple Salchow attempt, a loss of nine points as he singled the jump. He got a score of 95.15 to sit in eighth place after the short.

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The superstar also said that he was caught in a hole in the ice as he prepared for his first jump.

Hanyu,27  stated that ” When I take off, I was in some hole [in the ice] by another skater’s jump. It was unlucky. I am feeling really comfortable with everything.

Hanyu: Did I Do Something to be Disliked by Ice?

Hanyu stated ” Honestly, it feels like I didn’t even make a mistake. I don’t know, is it bad karma? Did I do something to be disliked by the ice? That’s how I feel, standing here being interviewed.”

Overall, It was a high-quality men’s short program throughout, thus, with 12 skaters going above the mark of 90 points.

Chen now has the lead into the free skate, having won that part to finish in fifth position overall at the games in 2018. After winning the 2018 world title Chen won 10 successive international events before placing third at skate America before this season.

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