US Government Says it Would Penalize Russian Elites if Putin Raids Ukraine

Wally Adeyemo, Deputy Treasury Secretary Adeyemo, Wally In the midst of Russia-Ukraine tensions, the US deploys colors and lawgivers in a show of force on Sunday. Aid to Afghanistan is less restricted under Biden’s authority.

Hundreds of people have been charged by the White House with grave human rights violations in China and Russia. On Sunday, Biden said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin does not step down, the Biden administration would use warrants to punish Russian oligarchs.

Adeyemo told Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face The Nation” that the warrants will cut elites off from the requests they watch about the most.

“There is crucial technology on which Russia relies on the US and its allies, technologies that Russia and China do not have access to. Russian elites who have been shut off from the universal fiscal system are not putting their money in China, according to reports” Brennan was informed by Adeyemo.

Biden administration says it would penalize Russian elites if Putin raids Ukraine

“They’re putting their money in Europe and the United States. And those elites who are assisting President Putin in forming these attitudes, we’d cut them and their families off from the global financial network in ways that would impede their capacity to do business as they have in the past.”

Given Germany’s reliance on Russian gas for its energy needs, Brennan questioned if Germany was the “weakest link” in NATO’s reaction to Russia. Adeyemo also said that if Russia invades Ukraine, the contentious Nord Stream 2 channel would not be launched.

How it Effects Nord Steam 2:-

US government says it would penalize Russian elites if Putin raids Ukraine

“While we oppose Nord Stream 2, it’s critical that we take considerably more severe actions in addition to Nord Stream 2 to ensure that Russian frugality bears the brunt of the costs if Russia chooses to transgress,” he added.

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“But, as I previously stated, President Putin has the final say. He may choose the way of tact and discussion, or he can take the one that will cause Russian frugality to suffer not only in the short term but also in the long run, restricting his potential to project power into the future.”

Adeyemo’s remarks follow the Biden administration’s announcement last week that Moscow was trying to make a phony film depicting Ukrainian aggression as justification for a strike.
The Pentagon announced its planting and displacing of more than hues to support Eastern European abettors on Wednesday. On Sunday, an aircraft carrying US flags landed in Poland after the Pentagon announced that roughly 2,000 military men would be sent to the nation.

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