Yashahime Season 2 Episode18: Release Date and Watch Online

The release date of Yashahime Season 2 Episode 18 is February 5th, 2022. This series is a follow up of a previous Manga series – “Inuyasha”. Just like its parent series, this series has been a major hit. It has been the inspiration for several games. Read this article to find out the release date of the Yashahime Season 2 Episode 17 and to get a brief overview including spoilers about this epic series.

Yashahime Season 2 Episode18: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers ahead. This series is a follow up of the Inuyasha series. It begins with Towa, the twin daughter of Setsuna. Both of them were separated while they were still very young. Towa is raised by her paternal aunt Kagome Higurashi’s family. During this time she gets very close to her half-sister Mei. Meanwhile, Setsuna loses all her memories and dreams because of the a mystical creature called the Dream Butterfly. Ten years later, the twin sisters are reunited.

There is a sacred tree called Tree of Ages. This tree has special time travelling powers. It is with these powers that the twin sisters are brought forward into the current time.  Together they begin their journey to win back their family’s pride and honor. These adventure are the highlights of this series. They are also joined by Moroha in their adventures. Moroha doesn’t know who her parents are. Yashahime Season 2 Episode 18 will take this epic tale of  adventure, love, action and thrill forward.

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Watch Yashahime Season 2 Episode 17 Online

Yashahime Season 2 Episode 18

You can watch the entire Yashahime Season 2 online. You can watch it Crunchyroll. This is the official dubbing channel of Japan. It also has English subtitles.

Major Characters

  • Towa and Setsuna Higurashi – These are the twin daughters of Sesshomaru and Rin. Both of them are fourteen years old. Towa was raised by her aunt. Setsuna has lost all her memories.
  • Moroha- She is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi. She is also fourteen years old. She is a ferocious young girl who joins the twins in their adventures.
  • Sacred Tree of Ages- A mystical tree with powers to control time. It awakes after decades of sleep and warns the twins about the main antagonist of this series.

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