World Trigger Chapter 218: Release Date and Read Manga Online

As we all know, the World Trigger series gets released on a monthly basis, which means World Trigger Chapter 218 of our favorite manga come out every month and not every week as is the case with other mangas. The last two chapters of World Trigger were released on 2nd December 2021.

Chapter 216 was called “The Away Mission Test Part 14” and Chapter 217 was called “The Away Mission Test Part 15”. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of an all-new chapter in the series. To find out more about the latest World Trigger Chapter, continue reading.

World Trigger Chapter 218: Release Gets Postponed

In recent news, it has come up that the World Trigger manga will not get a new chapter in January. This is because the manga is going on a hiatus this month. So, the 218th Chapter of the manga will not be released in the 02/2022 issue of Jump Square.

World Trigger Manga Chapter 218

While we were shocked at this news, we found out the cause behind this sudden announcement. The reason for this hiatus is that the World Trigger mangaka Daisuke Ashihara is currently unwell and the release has been postponed due to his poor health. Even though we do not have any proper news as to what his specific health issue is, the manga-lovers are all hoping for his speedy recovery.

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What Might the Fans Expect From The All-New World Trigger Chapter 218?

The World Trigger manga narrates the tale of a mysterious gate that leads to a whole new parallel world. The portal suddenly opens in Mikado City, and in a shocking turn of events, monstrous beings called ‘Neighbors’ come out. These creatures threaten all of humanity and attempt to take over the Earth. Now, everyone is relying on Earth’s only defense strong enough to take down the Neighbors–the secret organization called ‘Border’. They have researched and found out the technology of the Neighbors and that is called as ‘Triggers’.

In the last few chapters, we have seen that Suwa’s squad has come up with a well constructed plan, and they are hoping to take down thwir opponents in a good fight. Fans are hoping to see a tough combat by Suwa’s squad. Everyone is interested to find out how the brave squad members manage to pull off their strategy against the other teams.

Leaks and Raw Scans of World Trigger Chapter 218

According to the reports, the raw scans of the manga will come out about two to three days before the release of the official chapters. Thus, it goes without saying that it will take a while before we can dish out some spoilers for you all to read. But rest assured we will keep you updated with all the news related to World Trigger on our site, so keep checking this space out!

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