Sharon Marie Huddler: Top 5 Facts About The Golden State Killer’s Ex-Wife

Ever since the officer got arrested, people have been wondering about his personal life and his wife, Sharon Marie Huddle.

Who is Sharon Marie Huddler?

Sharon Marie Huddler is a lawyer by profession. She deals with issues related to women or with the matters of divorce. She is a very decent person and has achieved great heights on her own.

She was a regular human far from all the media attention, unless, her husband, Joseph James DeAngelo, was charged for killing 13 people and getting involved in more than 50 rape cases.

Sharon Marie Huddler’s Early Life

Sharon Marie Huddler was born in the United States of America. Her year of birth is 1953. Her date of birth is not known to the public as she is a very private person and likes to keep her personal information separate from the general public. We don’t even know much about her parents or her life before getting successful or before marrying Joseph.

Sharon Marie’s Education

She ended her high school journey at San Juan High School. She also went to the River College that is situated in America. She decided from long back that she wanted to pursue her career in Law. So, she decided to follow her path and get graduate from McGeorge School Of Law that is situated in Sacramento city of California.

Sharon Marie Huddle

Sharon Marie and Joseph James DeAngelo

Sharon and Joseph fell in love with each other while Sharon was still in college. Their love journey began in 1973 when they tied knots with one another. The couple was beautiful. Sharon was a bit young when she got married but as she grew up, she matured with time. Although the marriage ended in dispute in the year 2018, the couple was said to be separated in 1991.

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Sharon Marie Huddle

Facts you didn’t know her

  • She started an organization Sharon was one of the amazing people to hold the law and excelled brilliantly in her field. When the government decided to help the women who were planning on being a surrogate mothers, she decided to find an organization that would help the women in such situations. She founded it with her partner.
  • She has one big happy family Joseph James and Sharon Marie gave birth to three beautiful daughters. The beginning of the year 1981 led to the birth of their beautiful baby girl which brought nothing but happiness. 1986 and 1989 were other lucky years. It was discovered later, Joseph tried to become a good man. The girls are doing well right now, Needless to say, Sharon raised them well.

Sharon Marie Huddle

  • She had no idea about her Husband Sharon Marie had no idea about the Murders his husband was involved in. She may have suspected a few things while they were together, but there is no way she could have guessed that his husband would be a murderer. She was also separated from her husband in 1991, so there is very little chance that she knew anything.
  • Joseph James was an inspector I know this may sound strange, but this is true. Though, he got fired from his job back in 1979. Joseph James was an inspector before and that is how he got arrested for the crimes he committed. The DNA evidence helped the investigations a lot.

  • Sharon Marie Huddle is not yet divorced  Yes! this is true. The divorce between the couple was filed in 2018 but is not yet finalized and the procedures seem to get complicated with time.
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