Reflection of You Episode 6: Release date and Watch Online

Reflection of You Episode 6 is scheduled for release on October 28, 2021. Fans are excited about upcoming episodes.

Reflection of You is a drama series that has its origin in South Korea. It is an original creation of JTBC. The series is beautifully demonstrated by Yoo Bo-ra. Lim Hyeon-wook is the director of Reflection of You. There will be a total of 16 episodes with a duration of more than an hour. Within the first few episodes, the series has reached heights in different regions of the world, and fans are excited for new episodes to stream soon.

Everything you need to know

The series centers around the life of two women who have shared a common past and continue to affect each other’s future. Firstly we get to know about Jeong Hee-Joo who is trying to get her life together and now that she is completely settled in her life, she still keeps wondering why she feels dead inside. It was revealed that Jeong’s childhood was utterly disturbing and maybe this is why she is unable to fulfill her happiness.

We are introduced to another character named Goo Hae Won who is a pleasant person who sparks wherever she goes. She is a teacher by profession and loves to surround herself with beautiful things. However, whenever these two women interact, it’s never pleasant. We can only assume that there might be things in their past that continues to affect their life. When more episodes are released, we will be able to see more secrets get revealed.

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Reflection of You Episode 6

Reflection of You Episode 6 Release date

The release date of the 6th episode is October 28, 2021. Reflection of you is scheduled to release every Wednesday and Thursday. After seeing Woo Jae’s return, we can only imagine the series turning into something way more interesting than expected. As Woo Jae mentioned about his memory loss, we can assume that it has something to do with our main characters. Let’s hope for new episodes to release sooner.


Where to watch?

You can watch it on Netflix. It is available in the Korean language but you can watch it through subtitles.

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