Dungeon of Black Company Episode 5: Release Date and Watch Online

The civic and witty is something a lot of people enjoy watching and if you are one of those people then I’m going to tell you that I have the perfect choice for you. It is full of mysteries and brings out all kinds for you to enjoy and give it a shot

The show has been on the top list of all the audience all around the world and people were waiting for the latest season for a long time.

The dungeon of the black company has its unique plot and storyline which is not only full of mysteries and traps, it is what makes it different and. Fans favourite.


The life of neet has become complicated causing a sense of distress to everyone around him, however, Kimi has the worst nightmare and leaving behind everything that has caused him a lot of pain.

As we all know that Kimi was a rich guy once only if it is for a day but after losing it all again people start to mock him to some different extend. It had led him to go to the other world and starting his life all over again as a slave mine worker.

In the Dungeon of Black Company, Kinji befriends Wanibe and Rim the dragon girl. The threesome works concurrently on overthrowing the prisons. But Kinji begins again to change his strategy of hiding the fresh material to give wealth.

The triad has achieved so much by just working together and get to begin the only work with Boss Pig at Pig Pen Isle.

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Boss Pig got on training with the employees and indicate to them that they won’t consume if they don’t get the assignment accomplished. This shows the kind of dedication that those people have. hence we all are expecting to find out their achievements.


The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 5 release date is Friday, 6 August 2021, at 10:30 PM. The anime The Dungeon of Black Company is left with six episodes to conclude the episode finale. Do not miss a new episode every Friday.

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