My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode15:Release Date, Delay, and Watch Online

My hero academia has received a positive response from the critics and is appreciated by its fans for its amazing content, action, characters that inspire millions. This show never disappoints the audience and it is one of the highly recommended anime of this season.

Why was the delay?

My Hero Academia shook fans as they didn’t get the episode for the previous week. The episode was not aired on 3 July because a special show called “The Music Day” was broadcasted in its place. Therefore, the episode is postponed and will be aired this week.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode15:Release Date, Delay, and Watch Online

When will episode 15 release?

My Hero Academia season 2 episode 15 was supposed to air on 3rd July but due to reasons mentioned above. whoever is waiting, you should anticipate the episode on Saturday 10 July 2021 approximately around 5:30 PM Japanese standard time.

Where to watch My Hero Academia 

This series is standing at 8.4/10 on IMDB that shows how popular it is. This trio KENJI, TOMO, MASAHIRO brought the best season ever. The show’s runtime is about 24-25 minutes and You can watch every latest episode on “Funimation”, “Crunchyroll” with English subtitles, also available on Netflix.

Episode 14 recap

In this particular episode titled ” Off to Endeavor’s Agency” we see that our hero MIDORIYA is off to pursue his further studies, experience new things, and find out what’s there for him at endeavor’s agency.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode15:Release Date, Delay, and Watch Online

Hawks and DABI were having a conversation over the phone about the terrible incidents and DABI started to doubt Hawks that he wouldn’t be able to trace the phone call. He even threatened Hawks to show his loyalty not just to the League of Villains but also to the entire Anti-Establishment.

However, an old man who controls the glass causes trouble out of nowhere, and suddenly help arrives from hawks. Both Endeavor and hawks put this oldie down and later he was taken into custody.


DABI’s warning to Hawks hints that we might expect something interesting and something disastrous might happen in the upcoming episode. Also, we would see MIDORIYA, SHOTO and BAKUGOU must train harder under Endeavour in order to stand against the league of Villains.

I believe this show is one of the best series of this season, it keeps getting better as the show progress, the thought of how to train superheroes is the most engrossing part of the series.

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