Point Blank Range Explained: What is Point Black Range?

Point Blank Range in general means any distance beyond which a specific weapon will reach a target without compensating for bullet drop. On 22 April 2021, a teenager was shot dead at the point-blank range in Bhatpara, Kolkata. Here are all the details of the incident.

What happened at Kolkata regarding the Point Blank Range incident?

Point Blank Range refers to being about a meter away from the said target. On Thursday a shocking incident took place at the Bhatpara state of Kolkata. A boy was shot dead at point-blank range by two culprits riding a motorcycle. It’s scary to think that the incident took place near a police station yet the police were not able to catch the culprits.

A teenager named Raja Chowdhury was shot dead at the point-blank range at Bhatpara in North 24-Parganas, Kolkata. The culprits who shot him were riding a bike and flew the scene after shooting him.

The deceased was said to be standing in front of a school near Bhatpara police station around 11:30 pm when the incident took place. Chowdhury was taken to Bhatpara State General Hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.

The reason for the shooting was that the two culprits and Raja had some rivalry against each other. Later it was revealed that Chowdhury was also reported for several cases in the Bhatpara police station. The crimes lodged against him were not revealed and are still being kept in the dark.

The two culprits who fled the scene are nowhere to be found and haven’t been arrested yet. The police are still on the lookout for them.

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On the same night in the Jagaddal region, Kolkata another incident took place. Two bombs were thrown at the BJP party office by some miscreants. The temporary roof of the party office was blown off. No news about people being hurt has been revealed along with the identity of the miscreants who caused the incident.

Who were the culprits and why did they throw the bombs at BJP’s office? Could it be someone from the opposition party? We will soon find out.

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