Outriders Developer Gives Update on Inventory Wipe Bug

Square Enix Outriders’ new shooting game offers four different character categories for you to choose from. Each of these character prototypes usually competes in many other ways to improve shooting or use their skills. On March 31, Enix showed one of them to players. The different genres of the game include the Diviner category in “Aliens”, which focuses on effective skills and damage areas that turn enemies into ashes over time.

 Outriders Updates: Inventory Wipe Bug

As a personal shooter, his skill system allows players to take many forms. The Blaze Man suit is full of skills that can cause damage to the enemy team. As the “Outriders” campaign progresses, players will choose an ability to improve their damage handling skills instead of destroying their weapons and use weapons and tools to counter these skills. Essentially, this turns the fortune-teller into a spellcaster.

Since launching the game at the beginning of this month, Outriders have encountered various problems and bugs, which have caused certain players to be removed from the list. In a new update, Fly developers have confirmed that the problem is “serious” and are trying to restore “as many missing devices as possible” for the affected people. The developer plans to rejuvenate all players.

Outriders Developer Gives Update on Inventory Wipe Bug

They will be added to the player’s current inventory and will not be exchanged for any new items. Hope this answer comes back soon! Several players said that since the launch, they usually clean up their inventory after going online or after making a deal. The player list does not contain many things, nor does it contain many things. Multiplayer games are powerless for players, unless they are created, they will lose their progress.

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In addition, some enthusiasts may be disappointed that the error cannot be fixed as quickly as possible. The problem may also be open to your progress in solving the problem and the attitude you are trying to solve. “We know and deeply regret that some users continue to find deleted content in the list. We are working hard to resolve this issue in every server and game. Our repair will continue to restore all affected accounts.”

Outriders Tweeted in Saturday after the PS5 patch update conference. “The developers hope that their latest patch will solve this problem, but this is not the case. At the same time, all players can do is wait patiently and solve the problem as before. Unfortunately, not everyone has solved some problems.

In the past few weeks, Outriders have been paying attention to some issues. The negative sentiment on social media prompted Daily Johnson, the former Thieves Ocean community manager, to join the team. Johnson and his team were harassed after downloading “Sea of ​​Thieves”.

Unfortunately, this often happens online. Currently, the bodyguard is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox SeriesX. It can be sold on S and laptops through Steam and Google Stadia. You can read all our previous game reviews here.

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