Russia Calls United States & Czech Republic ‘Unfriendly States’. Know More

Russia’s allies with US is not in a good state. Recently Russia sparked the fire between the countries by listing US and Czech Republic as ‘Unfriendly States. Check out all the details.

The List of ‘Unfriendly States’

After Joe Biden took over the President’s post of United States of America, the relation between Russia and US has gotten worse. It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t catch up to Biden’s point of view. In Friday May 14, Russia presented a official list, naming US and Czech Republic as ‘unfriendly states’.

Russia Calls United States & Czech Republic ‘Unfriendly States’. Know More

With the signature of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the Russian government presented a decree adding the two countries in the list of ‘unfriendly states…(who) have carried out unfriendly actions.” With this, Moscow ordered the Czech embassy to keep only 19 employees of Russian national, and 0 to the US embassy.

The Tension Between 2 Countries

Russia and the West are having many quarrels from the last US elections. President Biden strongly opposed Russia after their troop build in Ukraine border, interfering elections and more. Since January Biden is pressurizing Kremlin for their actions. In a response to assumable cyber-attack and hostilities in the US election, Biden vacated 10 Russian diplomats.

Russia Calls United States & Czech Republic ‘Unfriendly States’. Know More

Russia however replied back with sanctioning 10 US diplomats and even banning them in the country. They also banned the employment of foreign nationals by the US embassy. The whole situation was deteriorated after this. Biden called Putin ‘killer’ and Russia grudgingly called back their diplomats from US and stated that US nationals should take consultation in DC.

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Relation with Czech Republic

Similarly the relation between Russia and Czech Republic is on a negative note.in 2014, due to a bomb explosion in an ammunition depot of Eastern Czech Republic, Prague directly blamed Russia. It accused the country’s military intelligence the reason behind the incident. After this, Czech Republic officially banned many Russian diplomats. Russia will do the same for Czech diplomats.

Russia Calls United States & Czech Republic ‘Unfriendly States’. Know More

In all the situation the European Council President Charles Michael called off Russia by saying their move is ‘another escalator step to undermine diplomatic relations”. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis thanked the EC president and said in the next EU leaders summit they’ll “show that the EU is united and strong.” Meanwhile, Russia told to TASS news agency that they are ‘ready for dialogue.”

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