Covid – 19 Turning Germans Aggressive Reports The Medical Authorities.

People in Germany are getting more and more aggressive along with being desperate to get vaccinated against the current pandemic. The reports comes from the doctors on Wednesday. According to the report Germany has been in lockdown since last six months and still are under lockdown even after the fall in Covid cases.

“The pressure on vaccination centers and doctor’s practices is growing. People pushing for vaccination are becoming more demanding,”

What The Medical Authorities Has To Say About The Current Situation In Germany.

Anke Richter – Scheer who is the deputy head of the German association of family doctors says.

People are getting upset when they are told to wait behind one an other to get vaccinated. They are forcing the medical staff to vaccinate them first even if it’s not their turn. They are also demanding for the second dose of vaccine before the actual time in order to go on holiday and for other benefits which include shopping without any Covid test.

Some older patients assigned AstraZeneca are demanding new vaccines. The vaccination drive has been going very well. Around 10% of the population being vaccinated fully along with one-third of the total population who received the first dose of vaccine.

What Are The Steps Taken By The  Government?

The vaccination drive began with vaccinating the senior citizens followed by teachers, journalists,s and people working in critical infrastructure. The capital of Germany along with several other cities are planning to uplift the Covid – 19 restrictions in the coming days after the fall in the Covid cases.

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On Wednesday 14,909 new Covid cases have been reported in Germany with 3,548,285 total cases. The death rate increased by 268 to 85,380. Government authorities have planned to loosen the restrictions but the government should give clear restrictions on whether people can go on holiday or no along with the places where they can go for holiday.

Holidays are possible in Germany and several other countries as vaccination have begun in most of the countries of the world. Most of the countries are done vaccinating a certain amount of it’s population at least with the first dose of vaccine. Covid has really affected people mentally and the attitude of Germans proves this as it’s turning people aggressive.

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