Ex-Cricketer Stuart MacGill KIDNAPPED and Badly ASSAULTED by Captors, 4 Arrested by Police

As we know Stuart MacGill is a famous Australian cricketer, Recently The New South Wales Police described the victim who was kidnapped on April 14 as only a 50-year-old man. McGill has been widely identified as the victim, including newspaper reports by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

McGill and News Corp met a man on a street in northern Sydney, and then two other men pulled up and helped him into the car. McGill was taken to a suburb in southwestern Sydney. According to reports, the attack occurred before being moved to another suburb and released.

Ex-Cricketer Stuart MacGill KIDNAPPED and Badly ASSAULTED by Captors, 4 Arrested by Police

Former Australian Test cricketer Stuart MacGill Allegedly kidnapped.

Regarding the downloadable news, the New South Wales Police stated that the incident occurred on April 20. The police said in a statement that theft and illegal investigators have launched an investigation. At 6 am Wednesday, the four men were 27, 29, 42 and 46 years old. The men were arrested in the first light attack in Sydney after being captured by a cricket player on the lower north shore of Princes City a month ago. McGill is known as a talented bowler and has played 44 times for Australia, but this coincides with the game of his forward Shane Warne, which is shameful.

He was on his way to a property an hour’s drive from the city. He was allegedly attacked and killed by a gun after a one-hour trial and then surrendered. New South Wales Police Commissioner Anthony Holton told the media: “This is a terrible and painful moment.” According to Holden, McGill, who knew one of the perpetrators, was concerned about this fact. “Still very touched.”

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The media reported that McGill met a man at his home in northern Sydney, and then two different people showed up and helped him get into the car. To another suburb and transport. The Associated Press of Australia reported that the incident was reported to experts on April 20. On Thursday morning, four people in houses in southern and southeastern Sydney were raided and confiscated by the police. The police said these allegations must be recorded. The prisoner didn’t get it right away.


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