4th Stimulus Check Being Worked on by Joe Biden, Insider Sources Confirms

A potential fourth stimulus checks could be on the way and millions of Americans can expect within the upcoming few weeks. The democratic lawmakers are pushing real hard for a fourth round of stimulus checks in both chambers of Congress to ease financial burdens of Americans who are still struggling to cover their expenses. The IRS is currently delivering the third round of checks to help families overcome household expenses.

The president of the US, Joe Biden has recently marked his 100th day in the office earlier this week. There was no indication of another direct payments to the Americans during Biden’s first address to Congress on Wednesday. Also, Mr Biden has never publicly revealed that he supports the fourth round of stimulus checks. However, an insider recently claimed that the president is in fact working on the fourth stimulus checks.

The US economy is on the course of recovery and job markets are improving from the coronavirus-induced shutdowns. Experts, on the other hand, think that there wouldn’t be any additional checks in the upcoming relief packages. In the third stimulus payments, the IRS sent checks worth up to $1,400 per individual, and also his/her dependents. People are mainly using this checks to pay their household bills likes groceries and rent.

The potential 4th Stimulus checks could lift more than 7 million people out of poverty

Lawmakers believe that the fourth round of checks could reduce the number of adults who are going hungry every month. The data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau reports that around 18 million adults are going hungry every month in the country. In the latest survey conducted by Bankrate reports that around two-thirds of Americans say the $1,400 check wouldn’t last even for three months.

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A group of 21 Democratic senators even sent the president a letter to include direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions in his next economic plan. However, Republicans doesn’t support the idea of another stimulus checks. Republicans previously vote against the additional $300 in the third stimulus checks. They claimed that the amount was way too much, and it is discouraging people to return to work.


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