Donald Trump Jr. New Role as Top Adviser

Days of Trump Jr. working to prove his worth in the eyes of his father seems to have come to end. This comes in an attempt to maintain grip on the Republican base while he ponders over his comeback presidential bid in 2024.

Donald Trump Jr. the Chief Political Advisor

The sources close to the Trump family report that Trump Jr. has now emerged as one of the political advisors of his father. He is working closely with President Trump’s team in paving way for his father’s return to politics. Sources say Trump Jr. is also steadily influencing his father’s political instincts.

Donal Trump Jr. new role as top adviser

Of late, many of President Trump’s actions echo his eldest son’s stand in politics. One example of this being him fuming on his favorite show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. The show had an interview of Governor Asa Hutchinson over Republican stance on the Transgender issue. Trump who almost neglected the Transgender issue during his presidency issued a statement accusing Hutchinson of supporting the “chemical castration of children.”

To many the above episode may seem out of normal, but to Trump’s orbit it was evident who influenced him. Over the years, Trump Jr. had made many statements to his right-wing followers on social media relating to transgender rights.

Many of Trump Sr.’s aides now believe in Trump Jr. on his conservative stand. Many now think that he knows where the base of the Republican party is. This has led to him becoming the go-to man for political activities.

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Influencing his Old Man from Background

People close to the family, say Trump Jr. has become the guide to Republican candidates who seek support of the 45 th President of the United States. He is also intervening if he suspects the candidate as unworthy of his father’s blessings. Sources say he closely monitors candidates and distinguishes those authentically endorsed in America First agenda.

Former President Trump seems to be charmed by his eldest son. Trump Jr. has now made his way to the inner strategists of his father. As a result, many suspect Donald Trump Jr. to be his father’s political heir in the future. With all these new developments it remains to be seen what else the future beholds for the partnership of the Donald Trump duo.

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