Apple Stopped Giving Chargers with iPhone to ‘Save the Environment’. Here is how?

Last year Apple announced that it won’t be providing chargers with iPhones which gave rise to chaos. Buying an iPhone is still a luxury for most middle-class Indians but when they do buy it, they expect it to at least come with a charging adapter if not the earphones.  

However, in 2020 Apple made it clear that by not including the charging adapter, they are saving the environment. Now, Apple has decided to share the outcome of the decision they made last year which may provide peace to some new iPhone users.

Why did Apple stop providing chargers along with iPhones?

Apple stopped giving Chargers with iPhone to 'Save the Environment'. Here is how?

The technology behemoth’s decision had sparked outrage among buyers. The technology behemoth’s decision had sparked outrage among buyers. The consensus was that iPhones are costly, and Apple should at the very least provide a charging adapter with the device.

Albeit, the 5W wall charger that apple used to provide with iPhones used to take forever to charge, and a power bank used to charge the iPhone more quickly. Still, instead of providing a fast charging adapter, Apple decided to cut costs and just give a USB-C to its iPhone 12 users. 

Did Apple ‘Save the Environment? 

To justify their decisions of cutting out the charger and making the iPhone box smaller, Apple made a reveal that might change your mind.

According to Apple, power adapters are made from a variety of materials including plastic, copper, and zinc. Through not giving charging adapters with its iPhones, Apple was able to save 8.61 lakh tonnes of copper, zinc, and metal, according to the company’s Environmental Progress Report.

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Apple clarified that by reducing the size of their iPhone cases, they were able to follow a more effective packaging process. “Leaving those adapters out was a brave change for Apple, and one that was important for our world,” Apple said on its website’s environment page.

“We’ve avoided mining a substantial amount of materials from the earth, and we’ve removed the pollutants that come from manufacturing and shipping them after eliminating them from iPhone and Apple Watch packaging last year,” Apple said.

Apple was also successful in reducing CO2 emissions from 25.1 million tonnes in 2019 to 22.6 million tonnes. The company reports that by using the M1 chip in its Mac devices, it was able to cut its total carbon footprint by 34%. 

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