Emma Stone as Batgirl in Latest Fan Arts Hints She May be Joining DCEU

We all know Emma Stone for her amazing acting in the Amazing Spider-Man it’s 2014 sequel. She is not only an actor but the world’s highest-paid actress of 2017. She is also on the list of 100 most influential people by Times magazine.

Who Will Be The Batgirl In The Upcoming Film? Here’s What Fans Want. 

According to the sources she is likely to join the DCEU as Batgirl. The DCEU fans want Emma to be the next Batgirl. The hints of Emma joining the DCEU are coming from the fan arts that depict Emma in Batgirls Costume.

As we all know Batgirls was a character in the 1997’s movie ‘Batman and the Robin’. Ever since then we never saw Batgirl again and it been 23 years now. After so many years, Warner Bros is planning a movie for the big screen. Which will be based on Batgirls life.

Batgirl is batman’s daughter. The upcoming movie Batgirl will focus on the experiences of batgirl, her life, her evolution, and much more. Earlier also there were talks going on about the movie but no information regarding the film production or release was confirmed by the filmmakers.

The previous Batgirl was played by the very famous Barbara Gordon. But now after the rumors about movies were in the air. The famous digital creator Valentino Romero made an outstanding attempt that portrays Emma in the role of Batgirl.

The portrait went viral on social media and after seeking Emma in the role of Batgirl even most of the fans are now saying that Emma should join the DCEU. The portrait not only gained attention from the fans but with all the minute detail it thrilled the other characters.

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With the Batgirl talk everywhere the logo which Batgirl’s character will be getting is under designing process. Soon the logo will get a confirmation from the filmmakers. As all the fans are excited about the movie and the logo.

The fan art not only expressed the desires of the fans but it also filled the environment with lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We all know that fans are waiting for the movie and its been 23 years now.

Hopefully, we can expect some news and confirmations about the release date and the production of the movie soon.

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