The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date Delayed, Spoiler Discussion and Watch Online

The Rookie which is based on a real-life story of a police officer in his 40’s first premiered on October 16, 2018, and now is currently on its third season. We have got you covered on everything you need to know about the upcoming Episode 11 of The Rookie Season 3.

What is The Rookie about?

The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date Delayed, Spoiler Discussion and Watch Online

Based on the story of a real-life rookie named William Norcross and created by Alexi Hawley, The Rookie is an American Police Crime Drama.

The series starring Nathan Fillion shows as John Nolan who is a man in his 40’s starts over as a rookie in Los Angeles Police Department after a life-changing incident and the difficulties he faces when everybody sees him as a walking midlife crisis.

He’ll be risking lives if he can’t keep up with the young cops and criminals, but if he can use his life experience, dedication, and sense of humor to give him an edge, he could just succeed in this new chapter of his life.

What’s going to happen in the Rookie Season 3 Episode 11? Spoilers

After seeing Nolan patch things up with Ben in Episode 10, we can expect to see as Nolan and Lucy continue to deal with problems at home while personal issues emerge on the sidelines.
This week’s episode of “The Rookie” is about a bank robbery perpetrated by a man who is also a kidnapping victim.

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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date

The Rookie premieres every week on Sunday on its network that is ABC. The upcoming episodes will hopefully be following the same protocol unless there is an official announcement telling otherwise.

Episode 11 of The Rookie titled “New Blood” will be releasing on April 18, 2021, on the ABC network.

Where to watch The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11 Online?

Viewers can watch the upcoming episodes 11 of The Rookie Season 3 on the designated ABC network with a network cable or can stream the series a day after it premiers on the ABC website or app with a subscription.

The series premieres in the US every Sunday at 10:00 PM on television and a day after for viewers to watch online on the ABC website and App. All the episodes are supposed to be 60 minutes long.

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