Armie Hammer Evicted From Billion Dollar Soy Movie Due to Assault Allegations

Armie Hammer Evicted From Billion Dollar

Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has been evicted from Amma Asante’s upcoming thriller The Billionaire Spy due to further assault allegations. The 35-year-old actor has left no stone unturned to establish himself as a complete actor, he has been widely acclaimed for many blockbuster movies including Call Me By Your Name, Sorry To Bother You, The Social Network but recent rape allegations against him has pushed his career into the downfall.

Hammer got the success light right after making his debut with Arrest Development in 2005, that success helped him garner a variety of roles on Television shows and some small films. But Hammer got his real breakthrough in 2010 with The Social Network and became a star in audiences’ hearts. With time people kind of started to forget him but he proved that a lot is still left in him with his widely acclaimed and Oscar-nominated performance in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. In past, Hammer has also shown that more than anything he is meant for the action genres with his marvelous performances in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and as well as Free Fire.

Everything was going well with his career until the rape and assault allegations came. It seems like these Rape allegations are pushing into the downfall as recently Variety reported that the actor has been dropped from the upcoming espionage thriller, The Billion Dollar Spy. This eviction is Harper’s third eviction from a venture after a woman named “Effie” came out publicly and alleged Harper of assaulting and raping her in 2017, she also stated that Harper repeatedly banged her head against a wall and left her unconscious.

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Besides the Billion Dollar Spy, the other two upcoming movies that won’t feature Hammer’s performance are the biographical drama series The Offer as well as the romcom Shotgun Wedding.

These assault and rape allegations are not the only Hammer has been tackling, he has also been the center of many other offensive claims. For a long Hammer has been neglecting these allegations by calling it Bullshit, but it seems like it is the high time he has to come out and present his part of the story.

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