Joe Biden at NASA meet: Indian-Americans taking over US

After the coronavirus pandemic took the nation’s name as chief scientist Dr. Mohan accepted, the mission adjustment system confirms that the spaceship is going in the right direction. Joe Biden has been sworn in since the 46th President of the United States made history on January 20th.

Indian-Americans taking over US

Biden has appointed at least fifty-five Indians to key government positions. Fifty days as a NASA team are congratulations. It is responsible for the complete landing of the six-wheeled rover on Mars and is dependent on Earth.

55 Indo-Americans who hold key positions in their administration, and Neery Tanden, who has stepped down as administrative and budgetary director for the White House, nearly half of whom are women and the greatest number of the average house envelope worker, Bianca.

Biden’s government appointed a large group of Indo-Americans in the first fifty days. Tanden had to withdraw his candidacy because of opposition from the Republicans. The community is disappointed; The Obama-Biden administration (2009-2017) has an excellent ability to identify the largest number of Indo-Americans in the government.

Joe Biden at NASA meet: Indian-Americans taking over US

Indians close to government and lower than the National Security Council: Biden’s government was the first to identify so many Indians in the first fifty days of its tenure. Last week, Dr. Vivek Murthy appeared in a hearing before a Senate medical committee and Vanity Gupta appeared at the hearing of the Attorney General of the Justice Department and heads of government last month. ‘I am very proud that the community is growing!’ said M Rangaswami, the famous Indian philanthropist and founder of the Indiaspora.

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A new high point in the Biden administration – with Swati Mohan, who will chair and oversee the COO 2020 in March and is not a political candidate for democracy and human rights in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Bone Adiga: Sabrina Singh: White House Assistant Secretary and Vice President Shanthi Kalathil was appointed Democracy and Human Rights Organizer on the White House National Security Council.

Garima Verma became the digital director of the lady’s main office Accommodations; Neha Gupta: Associate Attorney, White House Workplace Attorney; and Reema was crowned Assistant Labor Attorney of the White House. Tanya Das has been appointed Chief of Staff of the Science Unit of the Energy Unit; Shuchi Talati: Chief of Staff, Fossil Fuel Workplace, Department of Energy; Mini Timmaraju: Senior Advisor to the Human Resources Manager; Sohini Chatterjee: Senior Policy Advisor, US Mission to the United Nations;

Aditi Gorur: Political Advisor, USA, Mission to the United Nations; and Bhavya Lal is NASA’s chief of staff, and Dimple Chaudhary has been appointed assistant legal advisor for the EPA’s National Asset Protection Programs.

Sharmistha Das is an attorney in the Department of Homeland Security and Ruchi Jain is an assistant attorney general in the Home Office. Meera Joshi is the executive director of the transportation division of the Federal Motor Transport Administration and Aruna Kalyanam is the assistant secretary of state for taxation and budget at the Treasury Department. public service.

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