Boruto Episode 192: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

In Boruto episode 192, Kawaki’s backstory is shown, which gives fans a glimpse into his past as a kid. The title, The Past, shows the ailments you went through as a child that are completely different from others.

Updates And Preview

Emotional change of events in Boruto episode 192. Before Jigen plagued Kawaki, he already had a dark story that everyone would see for the first time. Naruto successfully brought Kawaki to Konoha Village when the latter doubled in size and passed out. Then his childhood will disturb him and show him the dark past he has.

His father beat him severely as a child and made it difficult for him to survive. One day a mysterious man appears before him and it is Kara’s leader Jigen. Instead of serving him, however, Kawaki experiences a great deal of suffering at Jigen’s hands. The Boruto Episode 192 trailer also features a young Kawaki excited and about to explode up to tears.

Boruto Episode 192: Release Date, Spoilers And Latest Updates

The voice over in the background reveals that she had a really difficult childhood and it got worse when she left her dad to be with Jigen. In Boruto episode 191, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki tried to find Kawaki as soon as he lost the lab. After a brutal confrontation with Nue, Sumire told Nue they had to look for Kawaki, but Boruto believed the initial had no idea how dangerous Kawaki could be.

On the other hand, Kawaki suffered severe bleeding as a result of his injury and felt like he was wandering endlessly through space to eat and regain his strength. However, he later saw the guards who were also trying to find him. He tried to look for food in the container and found a stray dog ​​approaching that wanted this piece of bread too. So he attacked him.

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Kawaki managed to beat the dog but then found that he was absolutely injured and decided to treat the dog’s injured man. Leg and befriended him.The dog followed Kawaki while Nue and Sumire finally located his whereabouts. Sumire and Kawaki saw each other again. Sumire noticed the sad look in Kawaki’s eyes and told Naruto and Team 7 that they need to know more about him and that that moment has indeed come.

Fans will know a lot about Kawaki in Boruto episode 192 on Sunday March 28th. It can be seen on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation.

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