Chyler Leigh returns to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Lexie Grey

After witnessing the heart-wrenching death of Andrew DeLuca, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is all set to welcome back another fan favorite doctor, who had one of the most tragic deaths, Dr. Lexie Grey. After bidding goodbye to the show nine years ago, Chyler Leigh is set to reprise one of the most celebrated characters of the show.

The show airing next week will feature Leigh’s come back as Grey. Reportedly her return is a part of this season’s recurring dream beach motif. Recently released promos off the show delivered the emotional reunion of Lexie and her sister Meredith.

Lexie Grey was the younger sister of Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo. Lexie made the entry in the show as one of the new batches at the end of season 3 and exited the show in the season 8 finale by being the first victim of the horrific plane crash.

Leigh’s Lexie got a chance to return to the show due to the beach theme of the season created by executive producer and showrunner Krista Vernoff. Lexie entered the storyline following Derek Shepherd, who has been recurring during the dream sequence.

“We’ve created the Beach with more care and delicately so that it fits your belief system no matter what your ideology is” Executive Producer/ showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “For me, this place exists in this realm. it’s an in-between place where Meredith can hang out and the dead people she loves can visit her.

Things have been pretty surprising in the Beach and nothing seems to be confirmed, but the way things are going on it seems like Dane’ Mark Sloan is soon going to join the former cast member who spent most of the season on the sand.

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