US Sanctions Causing China’s Influence Over Countries

The US has had sanctions against Iran for a long time, which are supposed to be lifted during Biden’s presidency. However, the harm has already been done, with Iran’s economy being destroyed by its isolation from the rest of the world.

China has always taken advantage of US sanctions, arguing that they are no longer as successful as they once were, and has questioned the US at every turn on the international stage.

US Sanctions Causing China's Influence Over Countries

China’s influence in Western Asia is spreading speedily. They have already announced their plan to spend $400 billion in Iran. In exchange, Iran has concluded a 25-year cooperation deal with China

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States and Saudi Arabia had very strong relations because Trump was backing Saudi Arabia in its civil war in Yemen and confronting Iran. However, as soon as Biden took office, he halted all aid to Saudi Arabia and placed sanctions on Saudi officials.

Now, Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil companies, has recently announced that it will ensure China’s energy stability remains its top priority for the next 50 years and beyond, as new and well-established energy sources synchronize for some period.

How far did the China-Saudi Arabia partnership go?

US Sanctions Causing China's Influence Over Countries

At a Saudi-Chinese venture discussion in Riyadh, 35 bilateral economic partnership agreements worth more than $28 billion were effectively agreed upon.

China is also assisting Saudi Arabia, with its ballistic missile program. According to numerous reports, China may be assisting Saudi Arabia with its nuclear program, as a facility for extracting uranium yellowcake from uranium ore that was recently built.

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Saudi Arabia has already entered China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and Chinese firms are undertaking many large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, such as the world’s largest oil-fired power station, which will be built in the port city of Yanbu by the Shandong Electric Power Corporation, or the huge $667 million contract to build 5,000 homes in Riyadh.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

US Sanctions Causing China's Influence Over Countries

Under China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” large sums of money will be invested in the partnering country with an aim to connect China with more than 100 countries with the help of the railroad, shipping, and energy projects.

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