Mila Looks Unrecognisable for a Movie Related to Addiction for her Film Four Good Days

Mila Kunis and Glenn Close will be starring together and when two powerhouse actors share screen space together we can expect breakthrough performances and intense acting. The Friends with Benefits star will show her emotional and dramatic performance in the upcoming drama film Four Good Days.

The film is directed by Rodrigo Garcia. He has co-written the story of the film with Washington Post writer Eli Saslow who is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Mila Looks Unrecognisable for a Movie Related to Addiction for her Film Four Good Days

What is the film Four Good Days all about?

The film is based on a true story written by Eli Saslow. The star cast for the film is Mila who plays the character of Molly, A 31-year-old woman who pleads with her unfriendly mother Deb played by Glenn Close to help her in fighting her drug addiction and to be her support system.

Deb has been through a time of disappointment, grief, and rage. She gives one last chance in order to save her daughter and help her battle her addiction to Heroin. The mother-daughter duo has now been reunited due to Molly’s circumstances and will also need to work together to find the love and trust that once kept them together.

We can see in the trailer that Molly is fighting against the withdrawal symptoms and faces her drug addiction that has taken away the trust of her parents and also the custody of her kids. Mila Kunis has completely transformed herself for the most intense role and the character she has ever played. She has blonded her hair as she is completely unrecognizable in her new look and character.

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In the film, her character is required to remain sober for four days in order to get an opiate antagonist shot, which can help reverse and block the effects of other opioids and help in getting rid of her heroin addiction. The film is releasing in theaters on April 30.

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