Marvel Comics to Launch Captain America as a LGBTQ Character

Yes, you read it right! Marvel Comics has given a nod to the first LGBTQ Avenger: Captain America. With Pride month on its way, Marvel Comic decided to celebrate the LGBTQ community with its comic series. It will be a limited series that will release in June 2021 called ‘The United States of Captain America.’

The series is composed by Christopher Cantwell (Doctor Doom) and drawn by Dale Eaglesham (Incredible Four), The United States of Captain America centres on four heroes who have served under or as Cap at one instance or another – Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and John Walker.

Plot & Character

The story is that the four heroes will set out on a cross-country travel to track down Steve’s lost shield. Along the way, they’ll meet a number of conventional Americans who have been motivated by Cap’s case to assist their communities. That’s when the new saviour of the comic Aaron Fischer comes in.

Marvel Comics to Launch Captain America as a LGBTQ Character

Aaron Fischer, also known as the ‘Captain America of the Railways’, is just like anyone gay right activist, a commoner, and also a leader making a better world for the queers. He also not as strong as Captain America and neither does he have such powerful resources. The character of Aaron is written by  Aaron Trujillo (Dodge City) and sketched by Jan Bazaldua (X-Force).

Jan Bazaldua on Queer Captain America

He thanked Editor Alanna Smith and Joshua Trujillo exceptionally to give him the golden opportunity to work on a character like Aaron.

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He also battles against fiendish to assist those who are nearly undetectable to society. Whereas I was drawing him, I thought, well, Cap battles against super-powerful creatures and spares the world almost always, but Aaron makes a difference for those who walk alone within the street with issues that they confront each day. I hope the reader and fans just like the character ending result!”

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