Pedro Pascal is Reportedly ‘DISAPPOINTED’ with Gina Carano’s Transphobic Attitude

The popular MMA-fighter-turned-actress, Gina Carano was fired from the Disney+ blockbuster show, The Mandalorian. Lucasfilm and Disney removed her from the show and will not return in future seasons following her controversial posts on social media. The 38-year-old has often involved with controversies in the past and fans frequently criticize her online presence.

Lucasfilm removed her from their employment after the actress compared being Republican to being Jews during the Holocaust. Fans believed that she had allegedly mocked the LGBTQ+ community back in August 2020. She changed the bio of her Twitter account in a manner that appeared to mock the use of gender pronouns used by trans people. Fans quickly began accusing her of transphobia while conservatives praised her.

Pedro Pascal is disappointed with Gina Carano

The two actors shared screen for two seasons of the Mandalorian. Their opinions and political views diametrically differs, however, they have respect for each other. Pascal was never hesitant to support and help Carano, while she received heat from the public. The 45-year-old reportedly explained to Carano why the use of pronouns is controversial among the LGBTQ+ community.

For a brief moment, it appeared that Carano had taken the advice seriously but that didn’t last well. The actress mockingly put beep/bop/boop in her Twitter profile. Fans quickly realized that this is her take on the use of pronouns as most of the trans people use the pronouns he/him in their bio, so that they wouldn’t be misgendered. The report claims that Pedro was seemingly disappointed with her when she didn’t sick with his advice.

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Daniel Richtman says that Pascal is disappointed because they were good friends and he wanted her to keep the job. He even tried to change how she interact online, but that didn’t work in any sense. United Talent Agency also dropped Carano after Lucasfilm fired her. Now, reports claim that she has been blacklisted in Hollywood.

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