Who is Shabnam Ali, First Indian Women Going to be Hanged Till Death

Shabnam Ali, a 38-year-old woman who will be the first woman who is going to be hanged in Independent India. Nothing to be proud of. Shabnam, an educated woman with a double Master’s degree in Geography and English. What must have happened with her to take such a big step. She, a teacher favorite among her student ended up in jail and now going to be hanged. 

Who is Shabhnam Ali?

A question arises as you start to get the news, who is she, and what has she done to deserve this. Shabnam Ali is 38 years old woman from Uttar Pradesh. She is from Bawankheri village, which is some kilometers away from Amroha, Moradabad. She has double master’s degrees in Geography and English. She was a teacher before being a criminal in a village. Her students were very fond of her and she used to be their favorite. 

Shabnam Ali, Going to be Hanged Till Death

What has she done?

She along with her lover Saleem drugged her family which includes her parents, her two brothers, her two sisters-in-law, and 10 months old nephew, and slit their necks with a knife but without mercy on the night between 14 October 2008 and 15 October 2008. She was pregnant with Saleem’s child. Both of the lovers belonged from different social backgrounds. Shabnam was from a well-doing landlord family whereas Saleem belonged from a Pathhan’s family.

Saleem dropped out from the school in standard sixth and at a wood swaying unit outside or near Shabhnam’s place. Because of different social backgrounds and different economic statuses, Shabnam’s parents didn’t approve of Saleem. On a random day, they decided to kill Shabnam’s family so they could get married. In an interview, Shabnam accepted that on the next day of the murder she pretended that some mishappening took place and someone killed her family but later on accepted her crime and the involvement of Saleem in the same.

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Shabnam Ali, Going to be Hanged Till Death

Where is she and when she will be hanged?

Shabnam is currently in the Jail of Rampur. Mathura jail has begun preparation for her hanging. No fixed date for the same has been given. Shabnam’s son filed a mercy petition in the court. Previously, the mercy petition was rejected by all the courts and now the decision to hang her till death has been given. 

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