The Real Reason Why Wiz Khalifa LEFT Amber Rose: Divorce and Relationship Timeline

Today in this celebrity gossip article, we talk about Wiz khalifa and amber rose. In the latest news, it confirmed that Rose had filed for divorce against wiz khalifa. After hearing this news, all of their fans are literally shocked. Only one year ago, the couple married to each other. And within one year they filed for divorce.

So, if you interested in them and what happened between them then go through the whole article. I am sure that, after reading this you get the answers of your questions.

But before going to that, let’s quickly take a look at their relationship timeline.

Relationship Timeline

According to the media, the couple started dating officially in the year of 2011. After in the month of March, they appeared together on MTV’s “RapFix Live” with Sway. In this show, they talked about their relationship status. They also said that they were trying their best to avoid making their relationship headlines. They just want to stay positive with each other and that’s all for them.

In August 2011 they debut together on the VMA red carpet. From there they hint that they may tight the knot very soon.

In the next year they married and in 2013 they welcomed their first baby, Sebastian.


When everything went perfectly, suddenly it’s come to know that, rose filed for divorce. As well as he wanted the custody of her children.

In an interview, she said this was a very great journey at all. She learned lots of things from this relationship.

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Some rumors also said that Rose signed to Nick Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment management company and Rose and Nick cheated Wiz with together. That’s the reason for filing her divorce.

On the other hand, Rose Says She Didn’t Cheat But Khalifa cheat. So divorce has been filed.

So, this may be the reason behind the divorce between the Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose .

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