Here’s Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

When it comes to action movies, we know Keanu Reeves would be a great addition. Whether a hero, an antihero, or a villain; he can fit in any role which shows him as someone to not mess with. But what about MCU? That place has been a gargantuan arena for action heroes. And we think Reeves need to be a part of it.

There is a huge list when it comes to what roles he can play in MCU. But here, we will talk about one – The Watcher. Now despite it sounds a little like a supporting role, we know every role counts in such movies.

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

A Brief About Keanu Reeves’ Career

Keanu Reeves was already famous for his early works in movies like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure(1989), Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey(1991), and Speed(1994). It was in 1999 that his career took a rise with The Matrix. The series apparently ended in 2003 with the third movie, and Reeves’ career seemed to have a little slump for some time.

Reeves became the word of the masses again with the action thriller film John Wick(2014). Planned for at least five canon movies, with a spin off and a series already announced, Reeves won’t be looking back now for sure. Not to forget the fourth Matrix movie, which will arrive soon.

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

About The Watcher

Watchers, are a group of alien beings, claiming to be the oldest species existing in the universe. They observe whatever is happening in the universe and chronicle all the knowledge. Initially they passed the knowledge to Prosilicans, another race, who misused it for creating nuclear technology and destroying themselves. The survivors blamed the Watchers, leading them to take a vow of non-intervention.

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Despite this, a couple of Watchers broke the oath. Uatu, first revealed himself to the Fantastic Four. He aids them multiple times, even at the cost of being banished by his peers. At one point, where he got banished, he stopped his rogue nephew Aron’s plans to pull the earth into a pocket dimension.

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

When it comes to powers, Uatu rivals the likes of Galactus, Odin, and Zeus. They can manipulate cosmic energy helping them in changing molecular structure, manipulating time and space, energy manipulation, super strength, flight, and a number of psionic powers like high intellect, telepathy, illusion casting. The exact level and range is said to be incalculable by humans.

Uatu has a portal granted by the Timekeepers, so he can also observe alternate realities.

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

Why Reeves Would Fit Here?

First things first, Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios has expressed his desire to get Reeves in. He revealed that he meets him for every single movie in the franchise. However, there doesn’t seem to be a role that excites him. His appearance in Always Be My Maybe(2019) and the game Cyberpunk 2077 shows that he can pull off the role of Uatu or Aron.

MCU has casted some great actors as villains like Jeff Bridges, Cate Blanchett, Michael B. Jordan, and now Christian Bale. Assuming Jeffrey Wright could also appear in a live action film as Uatu, apart from his upcoming What if…? series, Reeves would perfectly suit Aron. Both the watchers have that rebellious personality which Reeves has already displayed with John Wick.

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Would be Perfect as a Watcher in MCU

But as we said before, there are many other roles like Moon Knight and Namor, which are perfect for him. He has a great history with franchises and what’s better than Marvel?

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