Here how can you Import WhatsApp chat to telegram: All updates

Due to many rumors regarding WhatsApp many users follow new apps like Signal and telegram. They both apps are very useful they never disclose your privacy this is the important fact of these apps. But we all know very well that it is very difficult to choose new messenger apps as you think that you will get that app which save your chat history and provide you many benefits.

A new feature of Telegram

If you want to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram then this news is for you “WhatsApp users as they can now move their chat history over to Telegram.”

Telegram provides new feature to its user recently update telegram iOS app in version 7.4. this update provides many privacy policies. And the most important factor is that “The feature is only available for iOS users as of now and the Android update will likely come at a later stage.”

For this, you will update your WhatsApp and Telegram

In this feature, telegram will help the user to migrate their chat history from other apps like WhatsApp, Line & Kakao talk, etc. to telegram.

If you want to migrate your chat from WhatsApp to telegram then you need to update your latest version on both WhatsApp and telegram. The important news is that if an individual wants to export their chat only this is possible but if you thought that you will export your group chat or a conversation so it is not possible in that.

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The procedure of the new features

Now I will tell you how you import your WhatsApp chat to the telegram. Anyone wants to import that chat firstly you have to open WhatsApp chat to import Telegram. Then select input chat from contact info menu ‘attach media’ or ‘without media’ whatever you want it depends on you.

Then you will choose telegram from the iOS sheet on the user can also select the contact do you want to assign import WhatsApp to chat to. At last select ‘Import’ after clicking on the import option your chat will be imported to the Telegram app.

Recently update this feature by ios

Telegram has added the ability to import your chat history from WhatsApp means you never lose your conversation if you will choose messaging services. This feature is recently updated by telegram (January 2021) .

If you want to see e that iOS seriously import your previous chats from WhatsApp to telegram you can select that option and continue with it.

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