Black Clover Episode 162: Release Date, Preview and Watch Online

Nowadays, web series or animes have taken the place of movies. Instead of watching a 3hour film, people now prefer Netflix. Black Clover, the Japanese manga anime series is one of the popular anime now. It is now coming up with its new episode. Black Clover Episode 162 will be releasing soon. The details are right here. Read till the end!

Release date

“The Great War Breaks Out” is the title of the upcoming episode of Black Clover. The anime series’ new episode will be premiered on 2nd February 2021 at 6:25 pm in Japan. It is expected to release on the same day internationally.  The timings of its release are given below according to the place.

Black Clover Episode 162: Release date, Preview and Watch online

In Pacific timing, the episode will air at 3:25 am, in European timing at 12:55 pm and if you are from India then in IST, it will air at 4:55 pm.


In the previous episode of Black Clover, we saw that the main character Asta has returned to the Heart Kingdom. Moreover, a new character was introduced, Dante Zogratis. Dante is a member of Dark Triad. We saw Dante being very excited to meet Arcane Stage mage and Yami who is the Bull squad’s captain.

In the upcoming episode, we might see the interaction between Dante and Asta. It will be interesting to watch Asta utilizing his newly founded power. But it will be more interesting to see Dante’s reaction when he will come to know that Asta has devil power similar to Dante.

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Black Clover Episode 162: Release date, Preview and Watch online

It is very obvious from the title of the episode that the ultimate Great War could take place in episode 162. Apart from this, Asta can go against one of the Dark Triad of Spade in order to win. This episode will definitely come with the answers of certain questions that aroused at the end of the last episode.

Watch online

Black Clover Episode 162 will be available on Crunchyroll with English subtitles but only for premium users. If you want to watch it for free, then you have to wait for 2-3 days more. Besides this, all the episodes are available on Funimation and Netflix.

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