Casey Affleck’s role in Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ break up explained

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have moved their separate ways. They began dating after meeting on the sets of Deep Water. The relationship lasted for almost a year. Now just days after the breakup, we see a cut-out of Ana being disposed of. While this may not raise your brows, this will. The person doing the job is speculated to be none other than Casey, Ben’s brother.

What Happened?

Ben and Anna were in a relationship since 2020. However, Ana has now broken up with him as per a source by People. It says that Ana did not want to settle in LA, while Ben had to remain there for his children. After the breakup, a groundkeeper was caught on camera carrying the life-size cutout of Armas and dumping it.

Casey Affleck's role in Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas' break up explained

As the photos surfaced on Twitter, fans were amused by the sight as the dumping certainly sealed the breakup of Ben Affleck with the Knock Knock actress. The pictures showed two workers from landscaping doing the job. However on closer look, one of the workers who dumped the cutout seems to have eyes similar to Casey Affleck.

The Reaction by The Fans

Obviously, it is not clear that the person was Casey. His rest of the face was masked and the outfit suggests otherwise. But the social media left no chance to build the rumor mill around.

Casey Affleck's role in Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas' break up explained

A Twitter user said that Ben Affleck getting his brother to throw out the picture was the funniest thing in Hollywood to happen. Another user posted a caption that said the recycling of Ana de Armas by the masked Casey Affleck. Writer Cale Weissman tweeted that the Manchester By The Sea actor throwing the cutout was on his bingo card.

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Whether Casey was actually there or not, it does seem a bit funny. But if he was, we do appreciate the gesture of him staying by Ben’s side.

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