Anwar Hadid Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Earnings and Career.

Anwar Hadid is one of the youngest members of the Hadid family. He is an American model. He had follow the ways of his older sister Giri & Bella and made his career in fashion industry. Anwar Hadid is also making his career in music industry. He debut his music career from Bleach, he collab with his friend Jaden Smith from this music.

At 20 years old, Anwar is the youngest member of the Hadid family. As we all know that music is the passion of hadid family so he also opt it as a career. His stepfather had also won Grammy awards.

Anwar Hadid is most talented member of his family. He started his career when he was just 16 years old in modeling. He also worked with most fashion brand and fashion magazines. He is very famous because of his family. His parents and siblings get more success in the industry as well as business.

Anwar Hadid Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Earnings and Career.

His net worth and also engaged in the business

According to the media, ‘Anwar Hadid’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.’ As I told that his net worth is 4 million $, he has earned that amount mostly in modeling. He has also his own jewelry brand which is known as Martyre.

Anwar Hadid collab with Yoni Laham who is the co-founder of Martyre, the jewelry brand. This brand is from Los Angeles. This is the most famous brand and also it provides very unique designs.

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He gained more profits from this business also. Through this also he has gain more attention in social media.

Anwar Hadid Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Earnings and Career.

Youngest male model

Can you believe me if I said that he had signed his first contract at the age of 16 with IMG models? The main reason behind his success is family.

After signing this contract he had came in the cover page of many magazines like Teen Vogue, Paper, and VMAN. He has also a part of Zadig & Voltaire and Hugo Boss. He is one of the famous and busiest male models. His success also increases his total net worth.

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