Wu Assassins Season 2 is Returning But as Two Part Movies, Cast Confirms

Wu Assassins is a martial arts drama on Netflix that first premiered in August 2019. Fans are anticipating for a new season of the odd yet spectacular series. Though Netflix hasn’t confirmed the release of a new season for the show, we are hoping for its return.

Also, in an interview with Tzi Ma, who plays Mr Young in season 1, he says there are plans for future ‘Wu Assassins’. Official confirmations of the show aren’t out yet, however, Tzi Ma subtly confirms the renewal of a new season.

Although plans for an upcoming season may arrive, Tzi says it may look a little different than the first. Instead of conducting this season in a series, it will be held in two movies. Thus the format has completely changed with season 2 potentially releasing in two parts.

Will the casts return to season 2?

Tzi Ma is currently in Vancouver shooting for The CW Kung Fu reboot. Since he is working on another project now, he will not be able to make it to star in Wu Assassin’s season 2. Also, multitasking between the two movies is almost impossible, as they’re in different locations.

According to Tzi, the movies’ character Iko, moves from Thailand and South Africa. One of the movies may be shot in Thailand and the other in South Africa.

Additionally, Tzi ma is acting in a live-action Mulan film where he plays Zhou, Mulan’s father. He says in an interview, “The film is a celebration. A celebration of culture, a celebration of family, a celebration of women’s contributions to our world.”

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If you are interested to watch Wu Assassin’s season 1, the show is available on Netflix. The show is a supernatural martial arts drama created by Tony Krantz and John Wirth. We’re unsure of season 2’s release date, however, it may start its production soon.

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