Who is Ashley Kolfage? Everything You Need to Know About Brian Kolfage Wife

Ashley Kolfage is a tik tok star and influencer. She is also a model. She was recently arrested for her involvement in the fraud with the funds collected for the We Build the Wall campaign which was an attempt to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. It was started by Donald Trump to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Everything You Need to Know About Ashley Kolfage

Who is Ashley Kolfage? Top 5 Facts About Brian Kolfage's Wife


She moved on from Central High School and went to Angelo State University. From where she graduated with a four-year college education in 2008.


She has reviewed that since early on, she had keen on making a vocation as a model in the glitz world. Being a mother of two kids, she has taken an interest in the front of the Maxim magazine to raise assets for the Home of Wounded troopers. Likewise, she has given her hands a shot at a garments brand and co-runs an attire shop named ‘Coconut Chic’.

Ashley had functioned as an educator in Hawaii while she was endeavoring to break into a demonstrating vocation. In addition, she has likewise associated with other undertakings and runs her own dress line ‘Coconut Chic’. Further, she alongside her significant other has helped to establish the Military Grade Coffee and gives 10% of its offer to the USA ex-armed force.

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How Did Brian Kolfage and Ashley Kolfage Meet

Ashley was working as a hostess in the restaurant at Chilis. Brian said in an interview that they met in 2001 before he was deployed in Kuwait. He said, once he was injured, so she called texted him on Facebook to check on him.

Ashley Kolfage On Her Husband

When asked about her husband’s disability and is it a burden. She said he is quite independent in his duties. He almost never asks for help. He has great self-esteem which’s why he does not want help from anybody.


Who is Ashley Kolfage? Top 5 Facts About Brian Kolfage's Wife

The model was brought into the world as Ashley Goetz on 16 September 1985 in Texas, USA. She has not uncovered data on her dad, mother, and early days. Nonetheless, she has a place with the Caucasian identity and has an American ethnicity.

Her social media profiles

She is genuinely very active over various online media stages, particularly Instagram. There she passes by the handle @ashleyk_hawaii with 271k supporters. She likewise runs her own site under her name where she haad posted pictures, video blogs, also as one can shop on the web.

For the Maxim Cover Magazine

In 2018 Maxim magazine was raising money for the soldiers who were wounded. Ashley too wanted to help so she competed in Maxim’s cover photo for the prize of $25,000. She wanted to donate the whole amount in the funds for the soldiers.

Impression Of Her Husband

In July 2014, she wrote in Cosmopolitan that she is proud that she married a soldier who lost his body part in the war.

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She said when she met him for the first time, she was already attracted to his personality and his amazing sense of humor. She said he was always ready to go out despite his disability. She was confirmed that she is going to marry Brian after just a few meetups.

Ashley Kolfage in 2012 With The Congresswoman

Who is Ashley Kolfage? Top 5 Facts About Brian Kolfage's Wife

Brian Kolfage attended President Barack Obama’s state of the union address as a guest of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. There Ashley also went to give tribute to the wounded with flowers.

Total Assets

She alongside her triple-amputee veteran spouse has begun the mission which has effectively raised $16 million. The mission had additionally expected to raise about $1 billion, which will be one-fifth of President Trump’s $5 billion spending plan. In spite of that, the model should make an impressive sum from her displaying vocation and side undertakings. Hence, her total assets have an assessment of above $500 thousand.

Some other facts about her

  • The scope of her vocation isn’t restricted to educating and demonstrating, Ashley Kolfage is additionally a business visionary. She claims the shop Coconut Chic, where they sell garments that are for the most part for youngsters.
  • In the early long periods of their marriage, they attempted to have children. Subsequent to getting restoratively inspected it worked out that her cervix was excessively limited and she could just consider by means of IVF, which she did and now they have two children.

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