Queen of the South Season 5: Teresa Mendoza will Die Like Walter White in Season Finale

After running for four successful seasons, American crime drama, Queen of the South has been renewed for fifth season. The network renewed the series for another season after airing the fourth season finale. As of now, the official release date hasn’t been announced and currently expected to release in late 2021.

The series focuses on the life of Teresa Mendoza, who became a wealthiest drug dealer in the United States. Mendoza was initially poor but make her way through the dangerous drug world and made herself the queen of the drug ring. When her boyfriend, a member of drug cartel is murdered, she flees to the USA and starts her own drug ring. But before entering her new business, she takes care of the drug ring, which is after her.

Mendoza would potentially face Walter White-like death

Alice Braga’s character and Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White is somewhat similar. The fact that both the characters were poor and made their fortune through drugs, make them similar. The drug empire of both the characters are highly are highly influential and has attracted several enemies in the process. Mendoza hasn’t died yet but we cannot rule out that she wouldn’t face certain death in the future.

The fourth season finale hinted that a greater threat is coming on Mendoza’s way. The first are dreaded Russians who wants her head and the second is the DEA, who has been trying capture for so long. James faced horrifying injuries in the fourth season and warned Mendoza that the enemies are coming for her. The upcoming season will also reveal what happened to James, but one thing is sure – he will survive. James is going to play a major role in the next season.

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A theory suggests that Mendoza will have a end fate similar to Walter White. The Russians will make her life troubled as they wanted to see her empire fall. DEA will also close on to her, forcing her to run away and hide. After a certain time frame, she will return to avenge the Russians and hit them hard. And in the process, Teresa Mendoza will meet her fateful end, to much dismay to fans.

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