Where is Xur? What is Xur Selling This Week, Xur Location, Weapons, Collectibles, Exotics Items, and More [25.12.2020]

It is Friday, December 25, which means the fan-favourite vendor, Xur will appear with exotic items. Destiny 2 fans regularly wait for this day to exchange various exotic items with the agent of the Nine. Xur always shows up with weapons, gauntlets, armours, helmets, and consumables, which a player can exchange. However, they would need Legendary Shards in order to complete the exchange with Xur.

So, how can you find these exotic Legendary Shards?

These Legendary Shards are easily available in the game and there are multiple ways that you can use to collect them. The easiest way to collect these shards is to wander around the Lost Sector and explore the area. With every successful loot in the area, you can collect the Legendary Shards.  Also, you can collect these purple-coloured crystals by decrypting the engrams. A player can decrypt Engrams each time by levelling up their rank. There is another method where the player can dismantle exotic gears and collect the Shards — but players don’t use this method as they do not want to lose the gear.

Where is Xur today?

As always Xur appears anywhere out of the game’s four worlds. Last week, we saw Xur hanging out near the EDZ in Winding Cove. Also, remember that Xur never appears at the same location consecutively. However, the agent frequently repeats the public sectors like the Tower and Winding Cove. This week you can meet the guy near the Tower Hangar behind Dead Orbit. He showed up at this place before moving to EDZ, last week.

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Which items did he bring today?

If you have played the game for a significant time, then you would probably know that most of the items brought by him are not rare. You can easily get these items through the random drop, completing missions, and unlocking achievements. But, there is no problem in checking the items brought by him regularly. So, players never miss meeting the vendor every Friday. Last week he brought two helmets, an armour and a weapon. The items for this week are:

D.A.R.C.I. – Exotic Sniper Rifle

Sixth Coyote – Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

Ashen Wake – Exotic Titan Gauntlets

Karnstein Armlets – Exotic Warlock Gauntlets


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