Johnny Depp CAMEO in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 BLOCKED by Disney, Reports Claim

If you are already furious at Disney for removing Johnny Depp from the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean film, the production company just gave another reason to be angrier about it. A reputable source reported that the Mouse House blocked any window of opportunity to allow Johnny Depp to reprise as Jack Sparrow in the upcoming Pirates project. The producer of the acclaimed franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer, however, hopes that the actor could reprise at least in a cameo role in future.

Disney plugged the possible return due to the actor’s damaging civil case loss against The Sun. The 57-year-old had filed a libel lawsuit against the English tabloid after they published an article calling him a wife-beater. Warner Bros. also removed him from the role of the dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts movie series. The production company believes that casting Johnny Depp in the upcoming project may hurt its renowned family-friendly image.

There are currently TWO Pirates movie in production

Disney has already announced there are two planned projects in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The House of Mouse announced back in June 2020 that Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie and Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson will be working on the new Pirates film. This project will be a reboot of the current Pirates of Caribbean film series, which will introduce the female-lead swashbuckler film.

Also, the movie is completely different from another Pirates film, that is in the works. The other project, which includes Ted Elliot and Craig Mazin, the renowned creator of Chernobyl will probably the sixth film in the franchise. But some reports suggest this might also be the reboot to original Pirates film series. Karen Gillan is also attached to the project, which will be directed by Joachim Rønning.

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Meanwhile, the true Pirates of the Caribbean fans still want Johnny Depp to reprise his legendary character. The fans even started an online petition — that has over 350,000 signatures —  to bring back the OG Jack Sparrow. Fans even threatened that they wouldn’t show up at the theatre to watch the future film without Jack Sparrow. They strongly believe that future films will sink down in the absence of Johnny Depp.

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