Where is Xur? What is Xur Selling This Week, Xur Location, Weapons, Collectibles, Exotics Items, and More [11.12.2020]

The time has finally arrived, when the fan-favourite non-playing character, Xur of the popular online game, Destiny 2 shows up. Like always, the vendor appeared at any location within the game’s four worlds. Xur previously appeared on the EDZ in Winding Cove. A player can exchange several exotics items with the vendor, once he shows up. However, you will need Legendary Shards to exchange exotic items with the vendor. The items include weapons, armours, gauntlets, helmets, and consumables.

Xur arrived this week on Friday, December 11, 2020, at 12 PM EST.

Where is Xur?

There are four worlds, where he can appear — The Tower, IO, EDZ, and the Titan. Xur never reappears in his last week’s location. There are few places where he hangs out the most and repeats the location in every two to three weeks gaps. This week, Xur is hanging out at the Tower behind Dead Orbit. Dead Orbit is also one of the popular public locations, which can be discovered easily.


What is Xur selling this week?

Xur’s bring several amazing and exotic items. Players mostly select the items, but the other outfit items he brings are also awesome. Last week, he brought two helmets, a gauntlet, and a grenade launcher. The items are available after completing missions and defeating enemies. Some items brought by Xur are also random drops. These items aren’t difficult to obtain, but still, players choose Xur to hand them these exotic items. The list of items that Xur bought today are:

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Trinity Ghoul (Exotic Bow)

Gwisin Vest (Exotic Hunter Chest Armor)

Armamentarium (Exotic Titan Chest Armor)


Vesper of Radius (Exotic Warlock Chest Armor)

What are the Legendary Shards?

If you loved those above-mentioned items, you would need Legendary Shards. You have to exchange these items with Legendary Shards. In the first destiny game, Xur used to exchange the items with Special Coins, but the developers changed to the Legendary Shards. Special Coins are not around anymore. Bungie mentions that the Legendary Shards are the remnants of powerful items in the game. These Shards are crystals, which are purple in colour.

Xur charges only a few Legendary Shards in exchange for the items he brings. The price in terms of Legendary Shards for each item is around 20 to 30 Legendary Shards. Xur will stay on the location until the next weekly reset, which will happen on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


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