Galaxy S21 Specs Leak: Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM confirmed in Geekbench Review

Here Samsung is back again with its new phone. Samsung is back with Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung is going to released Samsung Galaxy S21 series far earlier then it’s normal time which is early in the coming year 2021.

With the date approaching newer and newer when Samsung Galaxy S21 will be available for buying, the specs and much other information of the phone are leaking constantly. And recently Geekbench a benchmarking program ran a series of test on this upcoming phone of Samsung and the results weren’t that good. Look at yourself. You will find the test results and a lot of information about the coming phones.

The model number of Samsung Galaxy S21 is SM-G991. “Lahaina” is the recorded chip-set of Galaxy S21.  The code name for the Qualcomm’s flagship chip Snapdragon 888 is “Lahaina”. Galaxy S21 his coming with 8GB of RAM and this super phone supports android 11.

Galaxy S21 Specs Leak: Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM confirmed in Geekbench Review

Test results

Recently Samsung Galaxy S21 was under the Geekbench testing where Geekbench took a trial of this phone’s processor and it also analyzes the time taken by Galaxy S21 processor to complete the assigned task. Everyone was expecting the good results but the results weren’t that good.

Its results were:

– Galaxy S21’s Single-core achieved the points of 1075.

– Galaxy S21’s Multi-core achieved the points of 2916.

These scores weren’t that amazing and wonderful on Geekbench 5.2.5. But that makes one thing very clear and it is that Samsung is still not done as this amazing company is still optimizing the software of this device. As we know this phone isn’t out yet but will be out soon so there is still time and we can expect that right now Samsung is still improving the performance of this phone’s software.

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Galaxy S21 Specs Leak: Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM confirmed in Geekbench Review

More information

Above I gave you some of the system information so now I would like to share Galaxy S21’s processor information.

– The name of the Samsung Galaxy S21 processor is ARM ARMv8.

– The Samsung Galaxy S21 processor’s topology is 1Processor, 8 Cores.

– The Samsung Galaxy S21 processor’s identifier is ARM implementer, 65 architecture, 8 variant 1 part 3396 revision 0.

– The Samsung Galaxy S21 base frequency is 1.80GHz.

Expected range

Lately, there was this rumour and according to that rumour, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be more than the Samsung Galaxy S21 series which means Samsung Galaxy S21 will be more economical. If we trust the rumors then the prices Samsung Galaxy S21 will be range between 850 dollars which is approximately 62,500 rupees to 899 dollars which is approximately 66,100 rupees. This price is marginally economical then Samsung Galaxy S20’s price which is 999 dollars and if we talk about it in Indian currency than it is approximately 73,500 rupees. If rumors are good then pricing seems pretty good.

CAD renders of Samsung Galaxy S21 plus showed us the design. If we believe that then Samsung Galaxy S21 plus will be 161.55×75.6×7.86MM. This size is bigger than Samsung Galaxy S21’s size. Samsung Galaxy S20 is smaller than the size of Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

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